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At the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) Response, our mission is to protect Hawaii's communities, industries, and natural environment from the threats and impacts of CRB. Our mission is achieved through education, awareness, detection, prevention, and treatment, with the help of our partners and the public.

IMG_0135 (4).jpg
A ground view looking up photo of CRB v-cut damage on a coconut palm.

Coconut rhinoceros beetles (CRB) or Oryctes rhinoceros, native to Southeast Asia, are a threat to palm species outside of their native range. Adults are about 2" in size, and larvae grow to 3.5 - 4" before pupating.

Please report any coconut rhinoceros beetles, larvae, tree damage, or fallen traps to the CRB Response. For more guidance on what to report or to submit a report follow the link to our reporting page.

We recommend implementing best management practices, and exploring treatment options for controlling CRB populations. 


Coconut rhinoceros beetles (CRB) have not spread to all parts of Hawai'i. Their range in the Hawaiian Islands is currently limited to O'ahu, certain parts of Kauai, and recently found on Maui and Hawaii Island. You can help prevent accidental transport of CRB in Hawai'i by limiting the movement of infested breeding material.


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