How to Report:

1. Note your location and time

2. Collect photos, beetles and larvae (if applicable)

3. Follow the directions below

4. Contact the CRB Response 

1. Locate the 10 digit trap number on the side of the trap. (xxxxxx-xx-xx)


2. If fallen, place the trap in a secured area.


3. Note the location of the trap (specific address or landmarks)


4. Call the CRB Response at (808) 679-5244 to relay the information you've collected.

CRB trap focused on 10-digit trap number

Trap Issues

V-cut damaged coconut rhinoceros beetle

Beetles feed on palm hearts and emerging fronds creating V-cuts and bore holes.






Common food sources are palms such as: coconut, fan, date, and royal.


Collect close up images at various angles of bore holes, V-cut damage, and wide-shot photos of the tree crown. Include pictures of palms in the surrounding area.

Tree Damage

If you find beetles or larvae, place them into a sealed hard plastic or glass container and store them your freezer. Use something to cover bare hands (glove, towel, paper).

Take close-up and in-focus photos of distinguishing characteristics with a size reference.


Adult CRB are black, have a horn, and average 2" in length. For larvae, a photo of the underside and video of it crawling can help distinguish it from other similar larvae.

CRB Sightings



To report an issue, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Contact information required.

Contact the statewide pest hotline to report other invasive pests.

Report invasive species by calling 808-643-7378 or going to