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It's a Lantern, It's a Bird Feeder... NO, It's a CRB Trap

Ever wonder what those things hanging all over Oʻahu are used for?

One of the biggest mysteries of our program is the black panel traps distributed throughout Oʻahu. We've heard them be referred to as lanterns, bird feeders, traps for other pests, and almost anything else but what they are... coconut rhinoceros beetle traps!

The traps use an aggregate pheromone, an artificial smell that lures the beetles towards it. Since CRB are night active, it's difficult for them to see the black panels in the dark. As they fly towards the lure, they'll hit the panels and fall into the cup at the bottom. The hole at the top of the cup is roughly two inches: much smaller than the CRB's four+ inch wingspan.

We have over 3,100 traps throughout Oʻahu. Traps are serviced every 1-4 weeks to collect the beetles and keep them in good working order. If you see a downed trap, locate the 10 digit number on the side panel, and report it to the CRB Response. It's important to maintain our traps so we can continue focusing our efforts in high-catch areas.


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