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Where are coconut rhinoceros beetles on Oʻahu? (May - October 2021 trap catches)

Pearl City Peninsula, Waipio Peninsula, West Loch, Mililani, and Kunia are coconut rhinoceros beetle hot spots on Oʻahu as of October 2021. If you are in one of these areas, please keep an eye out for CRB, capture any you find, and report them here. Although all CRB populations are a concern, these hot spots are not equally infested.

Traps in Waipio Peninsula and Pearl City Peninsula catch the majority of CRB on Oʻahu (marked in bright yellow). In these areas, significant breeding sites have been identified and are undergoing treatment. In less infested hot spots and areas with occasional detections such as the West Side, our teams are in the process of identifying active breeding sites and developing treatment plans with tenants and land managers. One promising result shown on this map is that Iroquois Point caught fewer beetles than in the past. After treatments of breeding sites and palms, CRB trap detections in the area have decreased substantially, a trend we will continue to monitor.

Over 3,100 traps across Oʻahu remove some CRB from the environment, but they also provide valuable data to predict where breeding sites may be. The data collected from CRB trap catches guides decisions about where to prioritize additional breeding site surveys, canine team visits, and outreach efforts. All of these components are needed because trapping alone will not get rid of CRB. Breeding sites must be found and treated to prevent further infestation and population growth. You can help stop the spread of CRB by following our green waste management guidelines and reporting any CRB adults, larvae, or tree damage!


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